5G service Launched in India: PM Modi inaugurated 5G service in India, know how many cities have started 5G service first

5G Launched in India: 5G service was first launched in 8 cities in India.


5G service Launched in India: PM Modi inaugurated 5G service in India, know how many cities have started 5G service first
5G Service Launched in India


5G Launched in India: Today 5G network has been launched in India. How long will it take for the 5G service to start in India and when which company is starting 5G service in the whole country, let’s know everything about it in detail.

Airtel 5G Service

First of all Airtel company started 5G service in India. Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal announced at the Indian Mobile Congress, first of all, it has been launched in eight cities of the country. According to Airtel, 5G service has been started in eight cities of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Bangalore. Which are the other four cities, its information has not been given yet.

JIO 5G Service

Apart from this, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of the country’s largest telecom company Reliance Jio, has said that his company’s 5G service will start in some cities of the country from Diwali and by December 2023, this service will be implemented at an affordable cost across the country. The country’s third telecom company Vodafone has also talked about starting 5G service soon, but nothing has been told about when it will start.

Digital revolution will come to India with the start of 5G service

On the other hand, Whole India Inc. has described the launch of 5G services in India as the most important step in the country’s digital revolution. CII has said that we have moved towards providing uniform, superior quality, and very state-of-the-art telecom service to all Indians, which will have a wide impact. FICCI Chairman Sanjiv Mehta has said that 5G services will have a positive impact on many sectors like agriculture, health, transport, and education, which are linked to the everyday lives of every Indian. It will usher in the fourth-grade industrial revolution in India and at the same time realize the dream of a self-reliant India. This reaction from the industry has come after the launch of 5G services in the country by PM Narendra Modi at the Indian Mobile Congress 2022 here.


Sunil Mittal praised Modi ji, the work that Modi ji can do, no one can do-

Speaking before PM Modi, Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Airtel said, “Our company will start providing 5G service across the country by March 2024. By the way, this service will be available in many cities only from March 2023. This will create thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of unicorns in the country. He also lauded PM Modi’s role in this work and said, “We are very fortunate that we have a Prime Minister who understands every finer aspect of technology. Many leaders talk about technology, but this kind of thinking leads to the development of the country. No one can do what Modi ji can do.” Sunil Mittal also praised Mukesh Ambani, chairman of his rival company Reliance Jio, for taking the telecom revolution forward in the country.


Jio 5G will start from Diwali – Mukesh Ambani

From this platform, Mukesh Ambani announced that Reliance Jio’s 5G mobile service will start from Diwali in all metros of the country, and by December 2023, 5G service will be available in every city, every village, every taluka of the country. He assured me that Reliance Jio’s service will also be affordable and its quality will be world-class.


Along with this, Ambani also presented a blueprint of how the 5G service will prove to be helpful in addressing some of the most fundamental challenges facing the country. First, 5G can provide high-quality education and training to ordinary Indians. Second, the health sector can be revolutionized by converting hospitals into smart hospitals. Third, the existing divide between cities and rural areas can be bridged. Fourth, the ground for a big change can be prepared by providing the medium and small entrepreneurs with the technology acquired by the big industries. Fifth, with the use of AI, India can become the intellectual capital of the world. 5G will help make India a developed nation by the year 2047.

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