The price of the iPhone 14 is rising, but will it be worth it?

The price of the iPhone 14 is rising, but will it be worth it?
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It looks like those intending to buy the iPhone 14 will see a higher ticket price than the previous generation when it is released later this year. Recently industry analyst Ming-Chi Quo recently tweeted that the average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone 14 range could increase by up to 15 percent to over a thousand dollars for the first time. This appears to be mainly due to the hike in prices on the Pro and Pro Max models.


We’ve already seen similar reports about pricing on the iPhone 14, with Korean tipster Lanzuk posting recently that Apple high-end models cost $999 to $1,099 (iPhone 14 Pro) and $1,099 to $1,099 (iPhone 14 Pro). 1,199 (iPhone 14). Pro Max).


There’s also been a lot of rumor about a new 6.7-inch non-Pro “Max” model to replace the iPhone mini. Assuming that Apple follows the same formula as previous Pro Max phones, the iPhone 14 Max will start at £100/$100 more than its smaller sibling, which is expected to carry the same $799 price tag. So expect the iPhone 14 Max to start at $899 and the line will start at $100 more than this year.


Therefore, we can see the following prices for the new models:

・iPhone 14: $799/£779

・iPhone 14 Max: $899/£879

・iPhone 14 Pro: $1,099/£1,049

・iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1,199/£1,149

As a comparison, here’s how the current generation takes place:


iPhone Price Hike: New Features

Based on what we know about the new model, we can better understand why Apple is increasing the price of the iPhone 14 Pro phone. The most important thing is that the iPhone 14 Pro will have many new features, which will increase the price further.

advanced Display

We’ve seen a lot of rumors and leaks that suggest that the Pro and Pro Max will do away with the infamous notch and instead opt for a pill-shaped opening to accommodate the Face ID camera array. It is also expected to support a new Always-On Display feature so that you can check information without waking the device. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro is likely to get a display upgrade to a new LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display, which will likely have a refresh rate of 1-120Hz.

fast processor performance

As was the case with every iPhone range, the iPhone 14 will see the arrival of a new version of Apple’s A-series processors. However this time things will be a little different. As we’ve already reported, it looks like Apple intends to offer the new A16 chip only to the Pro and Pro Max models, with the standard iPhone 14 receiving a tweaked version of last year’s A15 chip.


This is believed to be part of a new strategy to boost sales of the iPhone 14 Pro model as compared to the standard model. Obviously, the new silicon will be more advanced and that found in the iPhone 14 and therefore may have an additional cost that needs to be included in the final price.


high camera quality

Another area where the Pro models will differ from the standard ones is in terms of the main camera. We’ve seen a variety of reports that say that Apple will upgrade its 12MP minute camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to a larger 48MP camera. While the accompanying ultra-wide and telephoto lenses will remain with the same 12-megapixel sensor as before, this enhancement to the central camera should not only bring additional photographic options and performance.


high entry-level storage

All of Apple’s iPhone 13 models start with 128GB of storage, but Apple may increase that to 256GB in the Pro model this year. A report by Trendforce, which is usually quite accurate, predicted that Apple’s high-end phones would start at 256GB this year. This alone will cover the price increase, as Apple currently charges $100 to go from 128GB to 256GB. iPhone Price Hike: Inflation and Supply Chain Issues

Rising inflation and continued energy crises around the world are making products more expensive to manufacture and distribute, and it appears that Apple may be passing some of these costs directly onto the consumer. Consumer goods prices have been rising steadily over the past year, although Apple has yet to sell the U.S. and UK I have not increased the price of any of my devices.

It also takes a lot of energy to run plants that produce parts, not to mention assembly and final delivery to retailers. With fuel costs being higher due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this could be a major reason why the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will see an increase. And the supply chain issues that have plagued Apple for the past two years haven’t gone away.

iPhone Price Hike: Components Shortage

Another issue that has been a problem for manufacturers lately is the worldwide shortage in processors and other components. While Apple makes its own core chips, other elements in the iPhone, such as 5G capabilities, come from parts made by third parties. With Covid still wreaking havoc in most parts of the world, parts production has come down drastically, not to mention the collection of essential raw materials. With fewer stocks and increased demand, companies may find that parts prices are higher than normal due to contraction.

To stay on top of the latest news, be sure to bookmark our iPhone 14 roundup. If the thought of an even more expensive iPhone at a time when people are already struggling financially, which prevents you from upgrading, it might be worth exploring the refurbished market as there are some The best deals may be available. Alternatively, you can read our best iPhone deals to see if current models are now available for a little less, as their replacements are on hand.

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