Group operations manager job in Texas

Group operations manager

Company: HCL Technology Ltd


EXPERIENCE: 7-12 Years



Technical Skills-Databases-MongoDB







DESIGNATION: Group operations manager


Position Responsibilities:

Install, configure, patch,Migrate, Maintain and upgrade Open source Database platforms Databases like SQL Server, Aurora PostgreSQL, Mongo, Maria DB , Dynamo, AWS RDS , Knowledge of Snowflake and AWS Day to Day operation on S3,EC2 .. etc

Knowledge of SQL Server and Redshift.

Proactively monitor production databases for Performance and Stability.

5+ Years of experience supporting SQL Server database

3+ years’ experience designing, executing, and supporting Cloud solutions for Databases

Provide DBA support for Enterprise Releases Deployments and Projects.

Provide technical guidance to software developers, Architecture team in data modeling and performance optimization techniques.

Automate administrative tasks using scripting languages and utilities.

Follow industry best practices and establish standards for DBs.

Document new processes and procedures when appropriate. Promptly create Incident Reports to build/update Knowledge Base.

Demonstrated experience knowledge of with Amazon Web Services environments, including RDS, S3, Redshift.

2+ years of hands-on experience deploying and supporting databases in the Cloud(AWS)

Optional and Interest to Learn – Perform Administrative tasks like but not limited to, DDL creation, user creation, account level parameter changes etc within Snowflake Database

Position Qualifications

Over 5+ years of experience using in Databases – MongoDB, Dynamo, AWS RDS, and Knowledge Redshift.

At least 2+ Years of hands on experience on PostgreSQL ,Dynamo ,AWS Aurora.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Information Systems or an equivalent.

Experience setting up and managing PostgreSQL on AWS RDS and AWS EC2 Virtual Server

Hands-on experience managing databases both in private Data Centers as well as on the AWS cloud.

Strong understanding and experience Administering and Optimizing TB databases on Linux systems.

Database Migration tools like AWS Migration and Customer migration strategy

Familiarity with Database Monitoring & debugging tools.

Advanced experience writing scripts using Shell and/or Ansible

Ability to multitask and work independently on projects.

Ability to effectively communicate, prioritize and execute tasks in high-pressure environments.


(1.) To perform value addition activities (CIP and SIP) and implement strategies to improve productivity. (2.) To implement Profit Implement Plan (PIP), review Budget vs. Actual Cost and analyse the deviation to plan strategies to reduce deviation through levers like Automation and self-driven initiatives. (3.) To ensure retention of accounts that are due for renewal or maintain high level of customer satisfaction (ACSAT) (4.) To ensure that all responsibilities and project deliverables are completed within SLAs through effective team management and monthly reviews (5.) To ensure generation of an account level EE and EN revenue (6.) To ensure absorption of freshers as per the defined account targets (7.) To identify attrition percentage in accounts and take up initiatives to reduce the same



Technical Skills-Databases-MongoDB

EXPERIENCE: 7-12 Years


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